Gene Yoon

Candidate for California State Senate District 2: Marin, Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity, Del Norte

HELLO world!

I never believed I would run for office. For over two decades, I built a career in technology, finance, and law. I've been lucky to live a classic story of success according to the dreams of my immigrant parents: from valedictorian of my public high school in New Jersey, to studying politics at Princeton and law at NYU, to working in startups and tech giants in the Bay Area, to a beautiful life today in Lake County.

My family went from the bottom of the economy to the top in less than two generations, but that had more to do with the times than anything else. I've been lucky in life, and today's extraordinary problems have reminded me that our children can't depend on the same kind of luck. Now is the time for us to work together to make dreams come true for future generations.

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Any fool can spout off on video!

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